• Enjoy Walking Your Dog With No Pulling

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Enjoy Walking Your Dog With No Pulling

A kind, safe & comfortable way to train your dog

Whatever your breed, we have your size

Happy dogs, happy owners

Half a million dog owners can’t be wrong

When you use a Canny Collar, you’re in good company. Since it was launched, over 500,000 collars have been sold to dog owners just like you. People who once struggled to control their dogs now enjoy walking them comfortably by their side on a loose leash.

Are you embarrassed or stressed when your dog pulls you on leash?

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Kind, safe & effective

"As an animal chiropractor, I am always looking for collars that are gentle, reduce the amount of stress, and essentially eliminate the potential for injury to a dog’s neck and spine.

The Canny Collar does just that and still allows owners to properly control their dog."

DR SUSAN L. SHAW, B.SC., D.C. Certified Animal Chiropractor, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

We sing the praises of your collars!

""I just want to let you know how wonderful your collars are....but I don't need to tell you that! We tried all kinds of collars and harnesses, but at 80lbs our dog, Domino, is so strong, only my husband could walk him.

The first time we tried the Canny Collar, Domino was great.....it was like walking a feather compared to a cannonball! Now anyone can take him out and we all enjoy our walks so much more!"

JULIE LOWER & DOMINO, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

It's like magic!

"We just got the Canny Collar for our new one year old rescue dog, Sister, who pulls to the point of gagging.

I couldn't wait to try it and after a few minutes, like magic, she started walking with me! Thank you!"

MARY D FISCHETTI, Edgewater, Florida, USA