Fitting the Canny Collar

step 1

Fasten the Canny Collar around your dog's neck, ensuring the buckle is positioned just behind his ears at the back. Fold any excess collar and tuck it under the lip of the buckle. The Canny Collar should fit higher up the neck than a conventional collar, as shown.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 1

step 2

A snug fit is essential to ensure that it cannot come off your dog whilst walking. Test the Canny Collar by trying to pull it off your dog's head whilst facing him - if fitted correctly, this should not be possible.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 2

step 3

Pull each end of the thin slip line behind your dog's head and attach your leash to both 'D' rings at each end.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 3

step 4

Pull the slip line through the small yellow plastic guider at the front of the Canny Collar and place over your dog's snout. With some breeds, it may be easier to do this before attaching the leash. Take care not to twist the slip line before placing it over your dog's snout.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 4

step 5

Ensure you leave the plastic guider under your dog's chin. This is absolutely vital. If this plastic guider is not kept under the chin, the Canny Collar will not function correctly.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 5

step 6

Now you're ready to begin walking your dog.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 6

step 7

When your dog starts pulling on the leash, apply gentle backward pressure. Instant release of the pressure occurs when he stops pulling. This pressure and release system is the key to using your Canny Collar correctly as your dog trains himself to stop pulling.

Fitting Canny Collar - Step 7

step 8

Instantly release the pressure on the Canny Collar by lowering your leash when he stops resisting. Once the initial resistance has stopped, release all pressure. Keep walking while giving him vocal praise, then stop and praise him lavishly.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 8

step 9

When letting your dog off the leash, the Canny Collar can be left on him by removing the slip line from his snout and pulling it out fully. Cross the slip line behind his head and drop it either side of his head as shown.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 9

step 10

Bring the D rings together to meet underneath his chin and use one or two of the optional carabiner clips to secure the D rings together.Fitting Canny Collar - Step 10