Canny Leash Connect

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Canny Leash CONNECT with strong, lockable buckle to secure your dog to a fixed point.

The Canny Leash with its soft, padded handle and positional grip is designed for use with the Canny Collar. Features a padded grip to indicate the optimum position to put your hand when walking your dog on a Canny Collar.

The Canny Leash CONNECT allows you to secure your dog quickly and easily, then lock the strong buckle in place to keep in safely attached without the danger that he could escape and run free whilst not attached to the lead.

  • Small/medium dogs: 15mm (5/8") width, 120cm (4 ft) length
  • Medium/large dogs: 25mm (1") width, 120cm (4 ft) length

High quality polypropylene with padded handles, padded grip and a secure clip. Black, red, blue and purple.

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