Canny Recall Leash

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Canny Recall Leash with comfortable padded handle and grips to train your dog to come when called.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dog that will not come when called. Whether your dog is apprehensive about returning or is simply happy to ignore you, either way it can be damaging for the relationship between you and your pet.

By gradually building up the distance between you and your dog, the Canny Recall Leash will allow you to teach recall safely and effectively to eventually give your dog the freedom you both desire.

Features 3 padded grips at one end for varying length and a high quality clip at the other. Small/medium dogs: 15ft long, 5/8" width. Medium/large dogs: 23ft long, 1" width.

  • Teach recall safely and effectively
  • Prevents your dog running away
  • Soft on hands - padded handle and grips for comfort
  • Secure clip
  • Fully washable
  • Gives your dog freedom
  • Gives you peace of mind